Corporate Office - Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar branch of Ion Exchange Services is a small setup and is being operated by a very young but matured team. This setup is established strategically to leverage on the industrial and institutional growth taking part in various parts of Orissa. The team at Bhubaneshwar consists of a set of Sales Engineers, Service Engineers who provides solutions for any kind of Water treatment , Waste Water treatment, Water Treatment Chemicals, Instruments, Pumps etc.

This branch is divided into 3 territories and covers almost entire Orissa.

          Ion Exchange Services Limited

     28/4172  Brit colony, Naya  pally, Bhubaneshwar- 751012, Orissa INDIA

     E-Mail :

For any escalation to Ion Exchange Services Ltd - Corporate Office, Please contact our Centralized toll free number: 1800 4250788

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