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In the year 1986, Mr. G. S. Ranganathan, the then CMD of Ion Exchange (I) Ltd, initiated the formation of a Service Company in South India with an idea of providing quality services to the customers at nominal charges .The idea behind the formation of the Service company was that Quality Service would facilitate the making of initial sales of Standard Plants, help in keeping the products sold, stimulating repeat sales and build customer goodwill .The service business then being handled by the dealers of Ion Exchange will be totally with the Service Company facilitating the Dealers to concentrate on maximizing sale of equipment and devote more time to developing new markets .

Two Service Companies were formed in South India in 1986, namely IEI Coron Services (IEICSL) and IEI Mansel Services Ltd., (IEIMSL) in Bangalore and Madras respectively. Following the conceptual success of IEICSL & IEIMSL another Service Company M/s IEI Industrial Services Ltd., was formed in Bombay in 1988 and M/s IEI Engineering ServicesLtd., (IEIESL) in Delhi in 1989. The last company to be incorporated was IEI Water Treatment Services Ltd., (IEIWTSL) in Calcutta in the year 1994.

Due to the termination of Dealer in Madras in the year 1994, IEIMSL was merged with IEICSL and the name changed to IEI Services Ltd., (IEISL), becoming the Service Company in South India, which subsequently was renamed as Ion Exchange Services (South) Limited. Similarly the companies in other regions were known as Services (North), Services (East) and Services (West) Ltd.

One Company one identity

In the year 2005   the  service Companies namely,  Ion Exchange Services (North) Ltd, Ion Exchange Services (West) Ltd ,Ion Exchange Services (East) Ltd were merged with  Company (Ion Exchange Services Limited) vide orders dated 15th July, 2005 and 19th July, 2005 passed by Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka.

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