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         Ion Exchange Enviro Farms Limited

Ion Exchange Enviro Farms Limited (IEEFL) are specialists in the production and marketing of internationally certified organic produce. A subsidiary of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., India's premier company in water and environment management, we specialize in certified organic farming and are among the first corporates to undertake large scale, bio-intensive organic agri-horticulture in India. We have more than 900 acres on 12 organic orchard farms located close to cities, in Maharashtra, Goa and Tamil Nadu as well as extensive contract farming operations with Community Grower Groups. With a headstart in organic production in the country, we are reputed producers and marketers of certified organic produce, branded, packaged and bulk in the India and overseas. We have also recently developed and introduced a range of 100% natural herbal crop protectors and stimulators, liquid manure and compost.

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