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        Rainwater Harvesting

Till about thirty years back, the areas around our homes and offices used to be unpaved and the rain falling on these areas would percolate into the soil and remain there for being drawn through shallow open wells. With the proliferation of flat complexes, not only have these areas been paved and percolation of rainwater into the soil almost totally stopped, the quantity of water drawn from the soil below has increased manyfold. Consequently open wells and not - so - deep bore wells started drying up. The reason is that no sincere attmept is made to replenish the ground watertable with rainwater during the monsoon.

As individuals, groups and communities, let us all wake up before it is too late and not only understand what rainwater harvesting is all about but also implement measures to harvest rainwater in our houses,flat complexes and factories and put it into the soil for our subsequent use.

Ion Exchange Services provide comprehensive solution for Rainwater Harvesting, right from Feasibility studies to Designing the system and final Implementation of the project.

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